Hotel Data Updates

All new features and enhancements are always free! We are always finding ways to improve our software.
Our priority is to have the best hotel accounting software that is user friendly and easy to use.

Version: 6.1

  • Enhancement: Chart of Account's Payroll Categories now automatically fill Budget and P&L as child items per Payroll item for more accurate detailed accounting.

Version: 5.5

  • Enhancement: Manage company level uploaded forms from the company dashboard that show up as read-only forms on all properties.

Version: 5.4

  • New Feature: Check Printing Software. Download this software to your PC to manage printing any Invoice to your local printer. Customizable printing templates for any Check Stock.

Version: 5.3

  • New Feature: Sales Forms and Operations Forms.

Version: 5.2

  • Enhancement: Budget's Room Revenue data entry can now import from the previous year.

Version: 5.1

  • Enhancement: Employee Scheduler hourly employee breaks (Property Settings) no longer count against schedule's total Allotted Hours and salary positions are now available as position choices.

Version: 4.2

  • Enhancement: Chart of Accounts: Expenses can now be categorized infinite levels deep

Version: 4.1

  • New Features: Weekly Reports, Monthly Reports, and A/R Reports

Version: 3.10

  • Enhancement: Job Salaries are now Year-specific, which synergizes much better with existing Budget features. (All existing data has been auto filled into all possible years for existing accounts)

Version: 3.11

  • New Feature: Budget Year Summary: QuickBooks Download .IIF file for easy QuickBooks Import.

Version: 3.12

  • New Feature: Bank Deposits. Quickly review Over/Short & upload related files.

Version: 3.9

  • Enhancement: Invoices now allow for "Split" Amounts.

Version: 3.8

  • Enhancement: Check Register now has "Override" feature for forced corrections.

Version: 3.7

  • Enhancement: P&L "Grand Totals" Summary Overview formulas provided.

Version: 3.6

  • New Features: Budget: Summary (Report) and Flex Budget: Summary (Report).

Version: 3.5

  • New Feature: GL Codes.

Version: 3.4

  • Enhanced P&L: New filter by Paid Invoice Only.

Version: 3.3

  • Enhanced Sales Pace Report: ADR now included.

Version: 3.2

  • Enhanced Budget: Can now optionally Itemize any Revenue or Expenses.

Version: 3.1

  • Enhanced Budget's Revenue subsection to now include RPOR. All Pending Months feature added.

Version: 2.25

  • New Feature: Sales Pace Report.

Version: 2.24

  • Added (!) Notification once logged in if there are new updates you have not previously been notified of.

Version: 2.23

  • Added Balance Variance to Daily Report
  • Inactive Employees no longer option on new Employee Scheduler entries

Version: 2.22

  • Added Merit Increase to Employees

Version: 2.21

  • Added 15-Day Calendar (previous 7 and future 7) to Daily Report to more easily see which days are in/out of balance

Version: 2.20

  • Bank Statements feature integrated into Check Register.

Version: 2.19

  • Check Register and Card Register now allow for uploading of files per entry

Version: 2.18

  • P&L Details enhancement replaced Invoices details for P&L extended data

Version: 2.17

  • Budget "Locked" feature changed: no data can be edited while locked.

Version: 2.16

  • Chart of Accounts now has a required "Miscellaneous" category.

Version: 2.15

  • Property Settings feature added to allow easier ability to manage property specific settings.
  • Hotel Open Date setting added to properties: Can not edit Budget or Daily Report data entry prior to this date.
  • Property Name now editable from Property Settings.

Version: 2.14

  • Employee Scheduler now has Start Day of Week.
  • Employee Scheduler now allows for saving schedules on a week by week basis.

Version: 2.13

  • PMS Reports now allows for multiple uploads per day, which are now sortable.

Version: 2.12

  • Daily Report Payments now has Date Deposited at Bank.

Version: 2.11

  • Employee Scheduler schedules can now be emailed to employees

Version: 2.10

  • New calendar layouts for PMS Reports
  • Invoices, Card Register, Check Register: Method of Payment and Payment features now integrated together

Version: 2.9

  • Daily Report now has Revenue after Adjustments subsection

Version: 2.8

  • Hotel Data Technology is now Hotel Data
  • is now

Version: 2.7

  • Check Register and Card Register features added

Version: 2.6

  • Daily Report Payments can now be negative

Version: 2.5

  • Printable Report buttons applied to all relevant report features

Version: 2.4

  • Can now manually add people to Employee Scheduler who are not an Employee

Version: 2.3

  • Star Report feature added
  • Bank Statements feature added

Version: 2.2

  • Hotel Data is a USA based company. We intend to only/primarily serve USA based hotels. All web traffic not from the USA, Canada, or UK will be rerouted permanently to a splash page: 99% of that traffic has been unwanted spam and robots.

Version: 2.1

  • New Hire Uploads feature added

Version: 1.25

  • Employees: HR and Payroll now have Uploaded Files feature

Version: 1.24

  • Employees: HR and Payroll designations added as access levels and data entry management
  • Employees: Payroll data features added: Dependants, Payrate, and Filing Status

Version: 1.23

  • P&L Payroll subsections are now grouped together into grand totals if the user viewing the P&L does not have access to view Job Salaries feature information

Version: 1.22

  • P&L design reworked

Version: 1.21

  • Budget and Flex Budget design reworked

Version: 1.20

  • Users Access Level feature now includes ability to designate "Explicit" access to customize which features users have various access levels to of No Access, Read Only, or Full Edit Access

Version: 1.19

  • Employee Schedule now includes Phone Number
  • Payroll now has Calendar feature

Version: 1.18

  • Added ability for hoteliers to self-serve create a new account and get started using Hotel Data immediately.

Version: 1.17

  • Employee Schedule now includes Total Hours

Version: 1.16

  • Job Salaries now has Departments
  • Employee Schedule now has Departments

Version: 1.15

  • Client Portal home page redesign: now easier to manage multiple properties

Version: 1.14

  • PMS Report feature added

Version: 1.13

  • Flex P&L feature added

Version: 1.12

  • Net Operating Income added to Daily Report

Version: 1.11

  • Print buttons added to all relevant reports

Version: 1.10

  • Capital Expenses added to Chart of Accounts
  • Budget, Flex Budget, P&L, and Invoices now integrated to include Capital Expenses

Version: 1.9

  • Flex Budget now has Grand Totals

Version: 1.8

  • Budget Detail Summary and Flex Budget Detail Summary now has Flex % from GOP to Budget

Version: 1.7

  • P&L now has Total GOP after Capital Expenses

Version: 1.6

  • Automated email system now will email the Primary Account Holder(s) associated with any Property that is past due to notify them

Version: 1.5

  • We now allow Primary Account Holders to designate a Credit Card that can be auto billed monthly
  • Properties that are past due will now be locked, no features usable, once past due exceeds our Grace Days period

Version: 1.4

  • Now there are helpful (?) icons in various locations as helpful descriptions of how some features work

Version: 1.3

  • Invoices now have Accrual flag

Version: 1.2

  • Job Salaries now allow for both Salaries and Hourly rates

Version: 1.1

  • To better serve our users: we will begin to keep a list of "Updates" of new and changed features so they can more easily stay informed.