Hospitality Management Software for hotels and management companies

Hotel Data is Accounting, Finance, and HR in an all in one integrated intelligent cloud software. We help hotel managers increase productivity & decrease costs.

100+ Hotel Users and Counting....

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Case Studies

HOTEL DATA is great!!! It's like a hotel in a box. On a daily basis I use the Aging Report tab, Daily Reports tab, PMS Report tab, Employee, and Invoices tab. I'm an iPad kind of girl so I love the design. It's VERY user friendly. I think the best part about HOTEL DATA is you can log on from anywhere. Just last week I left work a little early and my boss called about a particular invoice I was able to log in to HOTEL DATA and get his questions answered quickly just as if I was in the office. Thanks again great product.

— Ashley Williams, Executive Assistant at Holiday Inn

I have been in the business for over 25 years and have yet to see a program as efficient and as easy to use as I have seen with HOTEL DATA. Being a web based program makes it convenient to review how the hotel is performing wherever I am.

— Paul Gleason, Director of Sales at Holiday Inn Southwest


Save Time

Your time is valuable, decrease your admin time to 10-15 mins a day

Save Money

Guaranteed to save money on staff, storage and inefficiencies

From Anywhere

New freedom by easily seeing how your hotel is doing from anywhere in the world


Sync your entire team with real time financial updates and projections

My General Managers like having employee records, invoice updates, scheduling programs, and virtually everything that an audit pack would contain uploaded onto the PMS cloud. HOTEL DATA reduces the call volumes from corporate office to our hotels allowing the GMs to spend more time with Guests & Employees.

— Aziz Bhaidani   CEO at Hotel Works Hospitality

Discover new flexibility with employee payroll, scheduling, & salaries all interacting with your accounting software

I like to work fast and efficient and HOTEL DATA helps me do this. The employee scheduler is one of my favorite features because you can assign hours based on the occupancy and even email the completed schedule directly to employees. HOTEL DATA makes the daunting task of maintaining a budget so easy!

— Lydia Thomas   Front Office Manager at Holiday Inn

Win the budgeting game with real time overspending and financial accountability

We were able to replace Quick Books with a more robust software that instantly interacts with the Daily Report and P&L. Because of HOTEL DATA I can see balances for all accounts in real-time for past, present, AND future.

— Vishal Patel   Financial Analyst at K&K Hotel Group

More features...

Accounting & Analytics

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Budget + Flex Budget
  • Invoices + Vendors
  • Daily Report
  • P&L + Flex P&L
  • Sales Pace Report
  • Check Printing

Files & Forms Management

  • New Hire Forms
  • Monthly Reports
  • Operations Forms
  • PMS Report
  • Sales Forms
  • Star Report
  • Weekly Reports

Financial Accountability

  • Bank Deposits
  • Cash Balance Report
  • Check Register
  • Credit Card Register

HR & Employee Management

  • Employees
  • Employee Schedule
  • Job Salaries
  • Payroll


$250 to $399 monthly

  • Unlimited Storage at no cost
  • Unlimited Users at no cost
  • Competitors pricing first year: $15,469
  • Our pricing first year: $3,000 to $5,788
  • 30 day risk-free period (No strings attached)


  1. Why buy from you?
    We're confident our software is the best all in one hotel solution on the marketplace. Before going to market, we spent years testing our software in our own close friends & family's hotels to make sure they were perfect before making it available to the public.
  2. I'm already using an Accounting, Finance, and/or HR Software. How would I migrate my information?
    Included in our cost is a full data migration. Our goal is to help you run business as smoothly as possible and we will make sure it happens.
  3. What type of training and support will I get?
    Our customer success staff will work tirelessly to make your transition to HotelData as smooth as possible. We also offer full call & text support.
  4. Are there any hidden fees?
    Our listed price is $399 per month, we promise regardless of your individual situation, we will not charge more than this price. The only hidden price is our discounted prices for bulk orders.
  5. What's the minimum/maximum size hotel chain that can use HotelData?
    No hotel is too large or too small to use HotelData. We have independently owned single hotel owners using our software along with established hospitality management companies.
  6. What if I don't like using the software after purchase?
    We're confident you will get a high ROI from using HotelData. So confident, that we are able to offer a 30 day risk free money back guarantee with no strings attached.
  7. Will a non-technical person be able to use HotelData?
    We have designed the software so that even the least technical person at your company will be able to use it. It is extremely user-friendly and even if there are questions, we are available at your convenience to help.
  8. I've already paid in advance for another software/service how do I justify paying for HotelData?
    Hop on a call with us, we will find a discounted solution for those already paying for a software based on your needs.
  9. Why isn't every hotel in North America using HotelData?
    You tell us!! We're the best in the business.